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The Rice Purity Test is an online school overview initially utilized by understudies at Rice University. As per the site, the test is utilized from introduction for the duration of school life at Rice to perceive how much sex, medications, and lewdness an understudy gets into amid their time there which can be found here.

This test should be a “holding background” with understudies, however, it appears as though it would make significantly progressively pressure, particularly on the off chance that somebody is awkward taking an interest in the overview. This is the Rice Purity Test separated into 5 sections.

Rice Purity Score Scale – 
100-98… you're insane unadulterated. You're similar to the cracking infant Jesus.

97-94… you're still entirely damn unadulterated however you've most likely completed a couple of things (ex.: you've presumably kissed a SO (critical other) or clasped hands with somebody other than a relative, and so forth.) 
93-77… this is the scope of scores that the averagely unadulterated individual will most likely get… you're not the idealist individual out there but rather you're additionally not a strict whore (ex: you've presumably french kissed a SO or stroked off or kissed somebody cowardly, and so forth.) 

76-45… these are the scores that show you have most likely had a lot of sexual/tranquilize/getting-stuck in an unfortunate situation with-the-law encounters. To get a score in this range, you've presumably marked off some modestly insane things (ex.: you've likely engaged in sexual relations or been tanked or smoked weed, and so on.) 

44-9… these scores are held for the too bad-to-the-bone individuals. Like the general population who have been in blow-outs or prison (ex: you've most likely utilized a hard medication previously or had intercourse in broad daylight or had butt-centric sex, and so on.) 
8-0… well, I've yet to meet anybody with a score lower than a 9. Well done on your relentlessness in the event that you got a score this way (ex: you've most likely engaged in sexual relations with a creature or a cousin or a paying client, and so on.)